The much-talked about performing arts centre on Marina Bay reflects Singapore's aspirations to be a premier regional arts hub. The Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay features world-class performances and provides rehearsal venues for local and foreign musicians, dancers and actors.

The massive project sits in a prominent position, close to both the historic district and the modern Marina commercial area.

The bold design called for 45,000 square metres of stones from Brazil, India, Italy, Spain and China. Among the more interesting tasks for Masonry was to give the grand concourse a more harmonious and humanistic design. Pietra Dorata, a sandstone from Italy, lends a warm timber-like, wooden finish to the area.

As for the columns that support the domed roof of the Concert Hall and Lyric Theatre, Masonry used a unique installation system to cover them with eight and a half foot by two inch slabs of Multicolour Red granite originating from India.

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